History of the Farm

John and Mary Massaro circa 1910

In 1916, John and Mary Massaro purchased over 100 acres on the border of Woodbridge and Ansonia. They grew grapes to make wine, hay and corn to feed the dairy cows and chickens, and fruits and vegetables to nourish themselves. When John Massaro died on a snowy Christmas Eve in 1947, two of the three sons, Tony and John, suddenly had to run the farm with only their mother’s help. They continued in their father’s footsteps and kept the farm running.

John Jr., John Sr., Mary and Tony circa 1944

Neither Tony nor John Jr. ever married. With no children of their own, they made their own extended family by recruiting local teenagers to work on the farm. This hands-on experience with thousands of chickens and dozens of dairy cows left a lasting impression on each person who contributed to the Massaro farm effort.

When John Jr. passed away in 2007, the family farm was entrusted to the Town of Woodbridge for safe keeping. In the autumn of 2008, the non-profit Massaro Community Farm was formed to restore the farm with minimal burden on the town taxpayers.

John Jr. (on tractor) and Tony (on right) in the fields circa 1940’s

Throughout the years of financial hardship, the Massaro brothers worked hard to make sure their farm survived. The Massaro Community Farm, Inc. is committed to ensuring that their dedication and hard work live on. Our continued mission is to keep farming, feed people, build community.